JGB M6 is small glass bead kind used in the manufacture of paints, coatings for floors, ceilings, walls and equipments indoor or outdoor. They also are used in the manufacture of ceramic glazes in sanitary wares industry, furniture, decoration. JGB M6 has uniform bead sizes, high fineness, good reflection to help the object surfaces to be shinier, brighter, and capture light better.

In addition, the objects covered by the coating containing JGB M6 glass beads could resist scratch and abrasion.

JGB M6 has following kinds:


Product Code Size (µm)
JGB M60 30 – 90
JGB M61 90 – 180
JGB M62 90 – 212
JGB M63 90 – 425
JGB M64 180 – 425
JGB M65 200 – 300
JGB M66 150 – 250

*Customers could choose the available products or send specific requirements to our factory to do the products suitable with your demands.