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JOTON GLASS BEADS is the manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Glass Beads with the size under 1.2 mm used for many industries such as ink, paint, plastic, ceramic, mould, … etc

We believe that our glass beads will meet strictest requirements of customers because of our latest technology line & tight quality control standards.


Glass beads are solid glass spheres. They should not be confused with costume jewellery having a hole. They are manufactured from high grade soda-lime silica glass containing SiO2 around 70%. They are free from free lead, iron and silica. They are manufactured from colourless glass for most of their uses.

Soda-lime glass spheres having diameters from about 100 micron to 6mm have long been used in a variety of applications in industries. Beads above the size of 6mm can be manufactured depending upon customer needs.