Retroreflexion will be obtained by glass beads which protrude from the road marking and depends on different conditions for example:

• Degree of embedding / size

• Quantity

• Quality

Thanks to the glass beads embedded in the marking material a vehicle’s headlight beam is returned to the driver’s eye, which results in a “light-up” effect of the striping. This is decisive plus for road safety.

Road markings are among the most efficient and most economical means to safely guide traffic. The contrast between the pavement and the pigmentation of the marking material provides clear visibility of stripes under daylight conditions.



JGB M1 – BS 6088 British Standard

JGB M2 – EN 1423/ EN 1424 European Standard

JGB M3 – AASHTO M247 American Standard

JGB M4 – JIS R 3301 Japanese Standard

JGB M5 – KSL 2521 Korean Standard