L.Q JOTON supplies Glass Granules/ Glass chips JGB MS specially applied in Shot Blasting, Filler, Water Filter, Glass producing, Glass beads producing and other applications. Glass sand JGB MS has the high whiteness, controlled size and competitive price.

JGB MS has the following products:

Product codes
Particle size ( (µm)
JGB MS1 5 – 45
JGB MS2 30 – 100
JGB MS3 100 – 200
JGB MS4 150 – 600
JGB MS5 500 – 1300

*Customers could choose the available products or send specific requirements to our factory to do the products suitable with your demands.


Technical information for Shot Blasting application:

  • Glass beads and Glass Granules or other kinds such as Plastic media, steel grit, stainless steel shot, zinc shot, aluminum oxide… have been used to clean, polish or roughen the surfaces of products by spraying or blasting.
  • The main usage of JGB MS Glass Granules as following:
  1. Mat grinding, decoration/design engraving
  2. Cleaning or roughening the moulds
  3. Cleaning the small or medium finished products
  4. Cleaning the formed steel, pipe steel, plated steel
  5. Cleaning the gas tank, rotatable-rounded products
  6. Removing the stain on the surface of product before the electrostatic paint process
  7. Furthermore, the glass bead/glass granules blast can be designed to clean the special shaped products
  • There are 2 kinds of blasters
  1. Air blast: including spray gun with 2 heads, one is beads/granules input and one is for pressure Glass beads/Glass granules will be forced out by very high pressure. With this kind of machine, only the light weight abrasive can be used, such as glass beads, aluminum oxide…
  2. Wheel blast: including the wheel operated by the engine. Abrasive will go into the wheel, the speed of the wheel will increase abrasive and then get out through the spray head with a very high pressure. This machine will be suitable for heavy weight abrasives, such as steel shot, steel grit…